Reverse Nodes in k-Group in Rust

impl Solution {
    // Reverses nodes of a linked list in k-group.
    pub fn reverse_k_group(head: Option<Box<ListNode>>, k: i32) -> Option<Box<ListNode>> {
        // Create a dummy node to simplify edge cases.
        let mut dummy = Some(Box::new(ListNode { next: head, val: 0 }));
        // 'cur' will be used to traverse the list.
        let mut cur = dummy.as_mut();

        // Start of the main loop to process the list in chunks of k nodes.
        'outer: loop {
            // 'start' points to the beginning of the current group.
            let mut start = cur.as_mut().unwrap().next.take();
            if start.is_none() {
                // If 'start' is None, it means we've reached the end of the list.
                break 'outer;

            // 'end' will point to the end of the current group.
            let mut end = start.as_mut();
            // Iterate k-1 times to reach the end of the group.
            for _ in 0..(k - 1) {
                end = end.unwrap().next.as_mut();
                // If 'end' is None before completing k iterations,
                // it means the remaining nodes are less than k and should not be reversed.
                if end.is_none() {
                    cur.as_mut().unwrap().next = start;
                    break 'outer;

            // 'tail' will point to the node following the current group.
            let mut tail = end.as_mut().unwrap().next.take();
            // Perform the reversal of the current group.
            // Attach the reversed group back to the main list.
            cur.as_mut().unwrap().next = Solution::reverse(start, tail);

            // Move 'cur' forward by k nodes.
            for _ in 0..k {
                cur = cur.unwrap().next.as_mut();

        // Return the new list, skipping the dummy node.

    // Helper function to reverse a portion of the list.
    fn reverse(
        mut head: Option<Box<ListNode>>,
        tail: Option<Box<ListNode>>,
    ) -> Option<Box<ListNode>> {
        let mut prev = tail;
        let mut cur = head;

        // Standard reverse linked list loop.
        while let Some(mut cur_node) = cur {
            let mut next =;
   = prev.take();
            prev = Some(cur_node);
            cur = next;